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Legal Employment Contract

Employment contract is simple to write document and can be shared to the working staff. It is also known as written constitution for both the parties. Its importance really matters at the time of litigation due to unavoidable circumstance or consequences created / occurred by any of the party i.e. staff, worker, unions etc. We invest time, money and manpower along with burden to sort out the situation which leads to non-productivity, unwanted tension and hamper company’s image. Hence it is always recommended to adopt legally strong employment contract to strengthen the company’s core values and image. It also shields the company especially in case of arbitration.

HR Skill Upgradation Training

Human capital is the core valuable asset of the organization – even fully automated facilities require human being to press buttons to start the machinery. Human Capital is the pillar and not the filler for the organization. It becomes more productive and efficient in controlled manner when the HR department is systematic and confident in terms of knowledge and skills. We will share our knowledge gained through experience around the world. That ways your HR department will be fully upgraded with the new techniques and skills. Hence training is the best remedy to be updated. This helps to prove the HR department is backbone for any organisation and it should be trained on timely manner to be well equipped.

Customised HR Policy

We have expertise in designing HR Policy as per client's needs and requirements. Written HR Policy is an ethical code of conduct or a bible which guides the employer and employee to maintain equilibrium in all the situations be it hiring, firing or even in employee retaining conditions that to for any level, any matrix. You can upgrade your HR Policy as an when you require for the benefit of the organisation and for the welfare of the working staff.

Motivational Training

Attitude is the key to success; used in positive manner leads to the maximum optimization of the resources and asset but is very harmful in opposite cases. Usually there is a conflict between employer & employee for their attitude wherein employer feels he owns the show to the other hand employee feels he is running the show but employer is enjoying the fruits hence this attitude leads to worst scenarios. Rather than concentrating on improving efficiency both deviate from the target and ultimately start behaving like fillers. To get maximum optimization of resources in all aspects it is required to keep employees focused and motivated which can be achieved by sharing case studies along with their Career mapping via one on one basis counseling. Motivational training leads to tremendous positive changes in terms of behavior and approach.

Managerial Skill Upgradation Training

How to manage planning, process, execution and emotions is the job of a manager, to achieve the ultimate long term goal and target of the company that to by setting small benchmarks & short term goals. They are required to be fully equipped with current business skills, scenarios, motivational facts, practices, techniques, methods and even business jargons which enable them to efficiently formulate strategies leading more focused individuals and achieving the targets. We will share valuable management tools that can be utilized in day to day working works miracles. These are simple activities with time managements not a superficial rocket science. Hard to believe or resist yet TRUE.

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