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Book is like a teacher, like a mentor that positively impact on readers thinking behaviour and attitude. Practical book is always better than a theoretical book. We have penned down all our experience in book so that new comers can take advantage with these books. Those who cannot afford degree or diploma courses, they can easily afford books. On the other hand there are few books available on practical aspects. We have hand on experience of more than 20 years in the industry in regulatory, product management, human resource management, clinical research, business management, export management and training. Our two books on HRM (Human Resource Management- ISBN 9788126913244, Contemporary Human Resource Management- ISBN-9788126914357) are globally available. Our upcoming books are as follows:

  •   Regulatory Management
  •   Corporate Management
  •   Extima of Antibiotics
  •   Pharmacology
  •   How to Start Business
  •   Life Management
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