Meher Pharma International promoters, director Mohammad Shahbaz Alam and Anita Shahbaz are globally known in Pharma fraternity. Zee Business invited Shahbaz alam to represent Indian Pharmaceutical Industry on Pharma Draft Policy along with Ananth Kumar, Chemical & Fertilizer Minister, Government of India and Dr.Trehan, MD of Medanta.

US TV invited shahbaz alam to represent global pharmaceutical industry for better availability of medicine during covid-19 pandemic. Many national and international pharmaceutical organization invited him as chief guest namely Omnics Group, USA, Consern Pharma, India to name a few.

Mohammad Shahbaz Alam and Anita Shahbaz are founder of Pharma Ratna Universe and Pharma Ratna Expo. Pharma Ratna bestowed to almost all the countries of the world for their valuable contribution in Pharma domain and noble cause.



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